Friday, July 26, 2013

Long-Awaited Road Trip

We went on a long-awaited and much-needed road trip to the beach a little while ago. It was a little cold and foggy but warmed up pretty fast as the sun started to peek through the clouds. It ended up a beautiful day out-walking along the beach, taking pictures, or just sitting and soaking up the sun. I saw jellyfish, crabs and dolphins-which was really cool! I picked up all the jellyfish I saw and threw them back into the ocean. It was the first time my dog ever went to the beach, and she loved it. We don't let her dig in the yard, so when she got to dig at the beach you could tell she was having lots of fun-even if her hole kept filling back up with sand. Haha! She wasn't so sure about the water though, but baby steps. I wasn't daring enough to get in the water myself, but I watched all the other people jump in. Maybe next time. Overall, a very fun day with family!